We have seasoned and experienced experts in all relevant fields.

Project Management

Our project management team is led by the Project Manager. The clients can contact the project manager for the informations regarding the project.

Business Intelligence

We help you accelerate decision making, optimize internal business processes and operational efficiency and help you make informed decisions.

Software Engineering

Our qualified and energetic Software Engineering team helps to monitor the quality of the software using processes such as Process Automation.

Network and security

With our professional network and security team, DRAC provides quality network and security service to the clients. We also have talented network designers as well as experienced security consultant.

Database Administration

We assure you maximum up time for the database so that you can always access it when needed and provide critically important tasks and roles of Database Administration such as Database Security.

Quality Assurance

DRAC quality assurance team plays an important role in managing the quality of the system. We have professional linguists in our QA team. To make sure that quality standard is met, we also have stringent quality check procedures.